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Frequent Questions


Are permits required for all electrical work or new installations?

No. Not all electrical work requires permits. Generally, minor circuit work such as ceiling fans, light fixture swaps, and similar work does NOT involve permits and jurisdictional inspections. Some larger jobs, however, such as meter panel upgrades and some spa circuits as well as new additions may require permitting and inspections. In the event that your work requires permits, Legacy Home Electric will handle all of the details to ensure a smooth and hassle free project.


Can I just hire a handyman to do some of this work?

While it is true that some of the work performed by licensed electricians can be relatively routine; it is also true that licensed and certified electricians have extensive training and experience that ensures a safe and reliable installation or repair. The average licensed electrician has over 15,000 hours of on the job experience as well as class room and theory study. Ultimately, an experienced and knowledgeable electrician can save a lot of headaches and help give you real peace of mind.


Is “Knob and Tube" wiring really dangerous?

Generally, if you have antiquated knob and tube wiring in your home you are rolling the dice. While an untouched and well preserved wiring infrastructure can seem to operate fairly well, the potential for problems is statistically higher than with more modern wiring methods. Knob and tube wiring utilizes “open junctioning” of circuit wires. At these points of open junctioning within walls and crawl spaces there can be loose wire arcing and a potential for fire events. Flickering lights or appliances are a good indicator that these loose junctions may exist. We never try to scare folks into doing unnecessary work. Just be aware that the older wiring methods do have their shortfalls.